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Re: CREEDFEED CONTEST #2 - Tell Us Why You Love Creed!

I started to be a Creed fan at 2001 ,i remember when i heard my sacrifise and i felt a feeling that made my soul full of strange+powerful feelings.I was trying to follow them as hard as i could because i leave in Greece and it's really here to try to stay inform.From that day i was searching all their cd's and from then untill now EVERYSINGLE DAY i listen them,in good days but in the worst days too,their songs has always something to say and to bring to my life.Creed music is like a magical fruit that when you taste it you feel that you can continue whatever life can bring to you.
Then that "fruit" bring me the girl of my life.The first thing she told me was "You look like
Creeds frontman you know" i never forget this ,this was our first discussion i was like "omg... thankss!" and she will be my wife in some years from now.
Well i think it's difficult to say why you love Creed because Creed is the source that create the love it self...

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