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Re: CREEDFEED CONTEST #2 - Tell Us Why You Love Creed!

Once upon a time when I was about 15 years old, I was envious of my friends who were all into music - yet I had never gotten into it. I never took the time to bother with it, yet I was determined to become a fan. So, I decided I would turn on the radio and the first thing I heard that sounded good, I would go out and buy that album.

Folks, the first song I ever heard and wanted to know who was performing was "What's This Life For". I called the station, asked who is was, and wrote down the name "Creed".

So, completely enchanted by the music, I made my way down to the music store and purchased Creed's My Own Prison. Keep in mind - I was never into music before - I never had the desire to become "involved" in it. Let me tell you - I rocked the heck out. The emotions of excitement and awe had come bursting out of me for the first time ever!

From that day on, I was a hard-core Creed fan. I was, and forever will be, a Creed fan. Hundreds of spins later, My Own Prison is still in heavy rotation in my CD player.
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