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Re: CREEDFEED CONTEST #1 - Tell Us Your Favorite Creed Song and Why!

First of all, thanks for doing this Steve. And it is SO COOL to have a fun and activity on the Creed forum, I wish you guys had time to have this site back on the road.

I think this question is not the best to me, I can't answer that. Maybe I can list a few and describe what does those songs means to me and to my life. I have not enough words to describe what CREED means to me, and the impact of this word in my life.

I remember 10 years ago, when I was 10 years old tracking on the web a radio station and I listen a song that I completely fell in love for and it was something like " ", and yes I was scared because I haven't ever felt that way, and I didn't know its name and I could not understand the name of the band because I couldn't understand what the DJ spoke. BUT I saw a light at the end because it was written on the site: Higher - Creed and then I entered on the Creed site and I was like: "This is what I want to listen and it gives me goosebumps." It was real. I was only a litle boy, I had the age that Jagger actually have and the band of his father and friends became one of the most important things of my life. I had no access to internet since then, AND all I had was burned CD with a couple of songs recorded, then 2001 comes. Man, I can't tell how I felt when I heard "My Sacrifice" for the first time, I am serious, I have no words to describe that. It gave me goosebumps since the first chord, but the best was yet to come that year to me. After all I saw "Weathered" to sell in one of our shoppings and I bought it, to be honest, it was one of the best moments of my life when I heard Bullets for the first time. The first thing I thought when I heard Scott screaming - And I had no idea what he was saying - was "What the F***. That's the best song of music's story." And I really thought it was, it's still one of my favorites. That time I thought Creed was a perfect band but I don't need to explain that. When Creed broke up I had a bad time, but at least I could still Scott's voice in Relearn Love and learned to love another band called Alter Bridge, but I have to say that any other band made me feel the way I felt when I heard Creed for the first time. I remember in 2004 after the official broke-up I was listening to Creed live everyday in my Cd Player with headphones before sleeping from 1 AM to 4 PM, it meant a lot to me, specially listening to the bootleg of San Antonio's show in 99, and Torn...oh my God, what a song to play live. Can you imagine how pride I was when I heard their name? Now here we are, after 7 long years of bad words and everything negative, we are in a state of peace and waiting for a new album. Isn't this world crazy? Well, it's Creed and I am glad they are back because they are a huge part of my life nad they mean a lot to me. That's what I feel to Creed, pride and in love for all the band makes.

I haven't favorite Creed songs and I can't describe all I think/feel/felt/am for Creed, and I didn't want to have the longest post here but I couldn't write less.

That's 1% of my story. Did I mention that I live in Brazil? LOL That makes difference since that I didn't understand anything they sang at first but it touched me the same way it touched you in US or other place. Creed is Creed, the best rock band of the world.
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