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Re: CREEDFEED CONTEST #1 - Tell Us Your Favorite Creed Song and Why!

As my favorite Creed song I have chosen the song Whatīs This Life For because it means so much for me. It will already keep reminding me forever the moment when I quite for the first time heard this bandīs awesome and unique sound. It was in late 2001, I guess, when I watched Halloween H20: 20 Years Later movie. I remember that I taped this movie onto my video recorder and when it ended, this song started to play. I didnīt know the song and didnīt know at all who the band was. But this song has attracted to me by the sound I have never heard before. I was the usual listener of pop music and kind of this "softer" music in general then. But since I was hooked with this song my musical tastes have drastically changed. And I think that Creed is what started my music passion (well, maybe even my obsession )... Anyway, they have become my favorite ones and now Iīm more of a rocker certainly due to them. And because Iīm not from the U.S. (but from Europe), and I donīt have the MTV, VH1 or some another music television, I highly doubt that I have ever learned about this band if I havenīt heard this song then.

I remember I listened to Whatīs This Life For over and over...And I came to love the part: ..."But they ainīt here anymore, donīt have to settle the score..." and how it goes on till the end of the song. Since then I always have been getting a "goose bumps" going through my whole body listening to that. And this feeling is very sweet. This part of the song makes me dance with joy around my room and it makes me fully feel this groove.

And in the end of my post I have to say that Creed has exactly hit the genre of music I absolutely love and which I have ever been addicted to. They have become what I truly need when Iīm down and depressed. I am never going to stop being grateful to them for that. Thanks so much, Creed...
"Next time I see this face Iīll say
I choose to live for always..."

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