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Re: CREEDFEED CONTEST #1 - Tell Us Your Favorite Creed Song and Why!

I have a Creed song that may not necessarily be their most mainstream hit or their hardest hitting song. But it is a song that speaks to me volumes more than any song ever could. And that song is:

Wash Away Those Years.

Not only does the subject matter alone rip my heart out every time I hear it, it is a somewhat personal song as well. No, not me directly, but people in my life. When I first heard this song, all I could think of was the sheer emotion that is displayed. I can hear, almost physically FEEL, the pain in Scott's voice. The slight quivver in his voice leads one to believe that this song is dear to his heart, as he is on the verge of tears. And it does bring me to tears every single time I hear it.
I hear the chorus and close my eyes and I can't help but softly singing the words, only to find tears running down my face. This song and this song alone has gotten me through some of the worst times in my life. There were nights when I would lie in bed and hit repeat on this song and listen for an hour, sometimes more. This song, along with the tears that it brought, put me to sleep a lot of nights on nights where I was completely distrought and restless.
No song has ever pulled so much out of me. To me, this is what music is defined as. The ability to put absolute emotion into one single song is absolutely incredible, and Creed has done it with this song. Yes, they have heavier songs. Yes, they have songs that have been played countless times on the radio. But not one song in their catalog of amazing work can move someone as emotionally, mentally, and spiritually as Wash Away Those Years does.

I truly believe that after hearing this song, my life has changed. I love my friends more and more every day because of this song; I don't know what could happen tomorrow or the next day. So I live for today, not the past; my inspiration is Wash Away Those Years.
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