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Re: Live Videos From Buffalo, NY (8/8)

All the people who think Stapp's voice is shot... you are wrong. I have seen Creed live twice during the Human Clay Tour and have about 15 bootlegs from all tours. He is preserving his voice so he can make it through the tour. He can sing just as well as he used to. He is just a lot smarter now and isn' t pushing it as hard. He was 5 times better in NY than in Philly because he was a little horse that night. He was in supreme form on 8/8. Whether his voice will hold up is anyones guess. I believe with the shape he is in now, mentally and physically, it will be fine. He will have off nights and he will have on nights. He always has.

For the haters and skeptics..... don't go to the shows or buy the album. Enough comparisons to Myles. Totally different types of singers. Let the fans who love Stapp and Creed enjoy the shows and music. Take your hate somewhere else.

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