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Re: Live Videos From Buffalo, NY (8/8)

I'm not a Stapp hater, but I couldn't disagree more. Both Stapp and The rest of the guys have been touring since Creed broke up the first time, Stapp was getting ready to tour for his second album before he met with Mark and had been in the studio. He has had since December to get his voice in shape. 8 Months, They have been rehearsing this tour for a month now. Its simply bad living and not laying off the booze. That kills your voice. Its not like they are doing 3 hour sets and he is starting to loose his range by the 3d set they start the night from what I can hear with Stapp not being able to get the higher notes of any song. Its hard work to get your voice in shape and it takes time. 8 Months is more than enough time with the money he has, and when people are paying so much for tickets, all I'm saying is take a little more pride in your job. Stapp is no basketball or baseball star he is the vocalist of one of the biggest rock bands in the last 20 years, act like it. This is what broke the band up the first time. Read the interviews with Tremonti on some of the causes for the first Creed split.
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