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Re: Live Videos From Buffalo, NY (8/8)

Its very sad, I watched all the video from PA and now Buffalo. I've been a huge Creed fan since 00 but never got a chance to see them live. When I heard they got back together even if just for a summer tour I got pit tickets right away pre sale. Now I'm thinking about selling them. I'm a huge AB fan as well, I saw them 3 times 1 acoustic Myles warms up for about 4 hours before the show, nothing but singing and playing with Mark till the show so they are warmed up and ready to kick a$$. Scott Stapp just does not have the discipline to do vocal exercises and keep his voice in shape from what I'm hearing. I can't blame the rest of the band, its a huge amount of money for 3 months of touring, and they are playing way more seats and bigger shows than they ever did on the AB name. Creed still packs a house. Just too bad Stapp still doesn't take his role in a band as big as Creed serious enough to keep his voice in shape enough to sing his own songs. I wanted Creed to be back in a huge way and show the new bands what its like to own a stage, but Saliva with their singer at 300 pounds could squeak out their songs better. Anyone notice the 2nd guitar player and back up vocalist? Sad.
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