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Re: Full Circle Album Cover is Up!

Quote: (Originally Posted by creed_fdj83) The numbers that come "full circle" are 17 up to 29. That is a difference of 12. My Own Prison was released in 1997 and now 12 years later, we have Full Circle. I can't think of what the significance of the 29 and 17 are at the moment as it is very late, but as we have all come to learn, everything in the album art has some meaning.

Hmm...itīs an interesting, you think that there are 12 keys on the album cover altogether (if Iīve counted right then ) - 6 ones in the front and 6 ones at the back...and each key represents one year that has passed since 1997 - when their first album came out. I think it could be that way.

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