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Re: Full Circle Album Cover is Up!

Quote: (Originally Posted by Dark_Knight) Now that I think about it, it could be related to MOP...on the back cover there is a padlock, so maybe the keys have something to do with it. Here's a pic...

The album cover is awesome! I like it...

You have a good idea with the padlock...but I think the keys hanging on might be related with the title of the album - Full Circle (which is throughout logical). You can see a (maybe an iron one...?) ringlet on the cover (maybe thatīs the circle...itīs throughout similar...) and the keys might represent that the ringlet (or the circle) has been locked up with them. But if it would be right what Dark Knight has said...donīt you think that it could be mean this album (Full Circle) is maybe totally the last one of Creedīs album? Because if there is the padlock on the back cover of MOP - Creedīs first album - and if there are some keys on the album cover of Full Circle - Creedīs four album - (I donīt include The Greatest Hits in that) maybe itīs all the paraphrase on that that besides Creed (as a band) has come a full circle, as well as the final number of Creedīs albums soever has been closed down? "With those keys"? No album(s) anymore? The four ones and enough?

What do you think about it?

Ha ha... Iīve just striked upon a litle bit funny idea that the albumīs title could be might "Locked Ringlet"......but I think it would sound maybe silly...I donīt know...just my idea...

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