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Has Scott ever replied to anybody´s message on his myspace site?

Hi, everyone at Creedfeed community! I´m your new member but I´ve visited this site a few times.
I would like to ask a question that probably hasn´t been already asking there. I´ve created my own profile on in order to be able to send a message on Scott Stapp´s myspace site but he hasn´t already replied to me...Has anyone of you ever been trying to send him a message? And I wonder if he has an official adress for his or Creed fans if they would like to send him a letter or an autograph request letter? It´s much more difficult for me ´cause I´m not from the U.S.A.

Thanks for your advices and I´m sorry if my English isn´t quite correct ´cause it´s not my mother tangue.
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