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Re: Anyone heard anything about cancelled shows?

Quote: (Originally Posted by austin.) I'm pretty sure we know it's because of ticket sales, but I highly doubt one of the most heard of citys in America (Charlotte) had the lowest ticket sales on the tour. They could have kept atleast one show in NC. Charlotte gets canceled, hell thats no big deal I'll just go to Raleigh. Nah, lets just cancel both of the shows, fuck the North Carolina fans. Hell, they could have combined the shows. Not as good as seating, but have everyone that bought floor tickets to get a standing spot, no seats. And put the balcony as first come-first serve. Guess I'm going to Atlanta or Nashville. (Atlanta is about a 5hour drive and Nashville is 6 or 7.. damn)

I had tickets to both the shows. Since they will not to come my city (Charlotte), it looks like I'll just go to Atlanta. I don't understand why they couldn't just cancel one of them.
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