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Re: Love This E-Mail I Got

Quote: (Originally Posted by Faithwalker012) Thank you for the encouraging words TrulyAmazing. I think I needed a little boost up of sorts there. Truthfully I was just hoping that I could find the right words and God could give me the right words to make my point, long though it was. I'm glad that someone found the original intent as it was meant.

Your Welcome Man Believe Me you I know how it is making your long posts and all the hard work that goes in internet Minstries for that matter PRAISE JESUS know need to apoalagize for your long posts I dont Lord Knows Sometimes I,ve Felt i,ve Had To Apolagize for my long posts AND PRAY That The Message is heared to those who need it GLORY TO GOD its hard sometimes to get to the point out unless im shouting i cant het it out so the internet is safe for me AMEN so sometimes that message comes across in my posting of misspelling but i ever write in few words everybody thinking something the matter with me But I ENCOURAGE JUST TO POST ON PEACE BE WITH YA i for one loved your post because i dont whatch the news or anything like that and further more when your making long posts jason there hard to do sometimes Great Job man
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