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Re: Love This E-Mail I Got

Quote: (Originally Posted by Faithwalker012) Perhaps, and probably.... but only because of the sheer number of people in this nation, which of course makes it one of the most populous in the world. Obviously most of your Muslim nations are Arab and in the Middle East/Africa... a continent which is made up of I believe 53 countries or some figure like that. Obviously, some of those have rather high population totals, some do not.

At any rate, the number of Muslims in this country would be nothing more than an estimate, and you get all sorts of different figures on how many Muslims make up that "estimate". It really depends on who's doing the estimating. I've seen where it's believed there are 2 million Muslims in America, I've seen where it's been estimated from anywhere of 6-10 million, which is a pretty large difference.

Really, when I read over your explanation again, I don't see it as the big difference you do. I'm not criticizing you for it, but when it's explained in that manner it sounds like merely a game of semantics designed to make it look like a "big difference". It actually kind of made me think back to the whole game Clinton's opponents found fun when he tried to define how he did and did not have sexual relations with Monica Lewinsky.

Point being, I don't know if Obama has any core values to speak of. I think he just kind of blows along like a reed in the political winds, and is very much a true politician in that he'll do most anything, say most anything for political expediency and support. If he does have core values, I'm pretty sure that they're not good for Americans. Though he claims to be christian, and hey none of us are perfect... but it should be rather obvious that he does not have any foundation on the rock that will not be moved, the chief cornerstone, that being Jesus Christ. Quite frankly, that rock will offend some, but hey, truth always does offend some. It seems that our president does not like to offend very many people. Hey, being civil, showing good will, trying to get along with other people and other nations, that's important. But there are values, there are truths, and there are principles worth standing up for. You can be nice without being a wimp. You can be civil without going around apologizing to everyone for wrongs that you feel like have been committed. You can stand up for what's right and what's true, and stand up for your people and what they believe in, without selling them out to the "global community". You can show discipline and correction, and you can do it out of love.

Christians in particular need to watch this guy. For he will smile, and he will promise you almost everything in the world. He will promise to bring you hope... he'll promise to change things.... he'll promise a "better form of government". He'll pledge to give people in this country a lot of "free government hand me downs". There's nothing free, my friends. Everything has a price tag attached to it, in one way or another. The only thing in this world that might be considered free to you with no strings attached is salvation. But that certainly was paid for with an awesome price by Jesus Christ.

There's going to be another "messiah" coming, and truthfully speaking it probably won't be all that long before he gets here. He'll be something to... popular with most of the world... flattering, boy he will tell people just how great he thinks they are... he'll come looking to change the world... "We're going to be at peace, everyone's going to love each other, and oh dear children aren't you precious." He'll come in and he'll look like the Lamb slain. He'll offer you literally anything in the world because "he loves you".

The only thing is underneath that smile, underneath those flatteries, underneath appearing to look like Jesus, is Satan himself...looking to murder your very soul. Oh, he'll offer you the world... you just have to worship him. You just have to love him. There's just one problem with that. He's a fake, and he's got a one way ticket to the lake of fire. So why would you want to follow him?

Again speaking to christians, or to anyone with an open mind, watch Obama. For though he is not the antichrist, he most certainly is a type. He quite possibly is the strongest type and will be the last "type" we have before the real deal makes his appearance. When will that be? I don't know, for as it is written in Matthew 24:36, no man knows the hour. But we certainly know the season.

Friends look around, we're in that season. It's the season of the fig tree... the generation of the fig tree. Look around at what's going on in the world today. It's easy to get sidetracked with other things in this world, but don't let it happen. Don't go to sleep while you're on watchman duty. That wouldn't be good. By no means is it the unforgivable sin... but it still would not be good.

Said with love,

Way to dance around the point of my post. lol.
You can ask anyone on these boards, and they will tell you that I am a die hard Christian. I was just saying that you were wrong in your quote of Obama saying that this was a Muslim nation
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