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Re: 1st time you heard Creed..

it was around in may 2000, i was in high school. waiting in the car, i heard higher on the radio. talk about love at first listen, i remember instantly loving the part "so lets go there" with the heavy guitar riff, and i thought that was the most beautiful sounding song ive ever heard...
later on i saw the music video and loved creed even more. then i heard the intro to higher, and i thought, man... this guy is a fucking genious comeing up with a tune like this.... and i would replay the intro strumming to higher over and over coz it sounded sooo good... lol.
later i got a ripped copy of human clay, and scratched it from non stop listening for weeks on end. got all my friends hooked.
all this happened back in my home land. now in US its a dream to gonna go to the concert.
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