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Re: the two kinds of laptop LCD screens

Quote: (Originally Posted by lmno562) There are two kinds of laptop LCD screens: matte (anti-glare) and glossy. Both have their pros and cons and are a subject of many discussions.Matte screens don't get glare or reflections on them; however, the same rough surface (polarizer) that reduces the intensity of reflected light, results in less contrast and brightness as light from the LCD screen passes through it. Matte screens might be hard to read outside, especially in the sunlight; most laptops come with glossy screens nowadays.Glossy screens have vibrant colors, highest contrast and brightness because they have a smooth, high-gloss surface. As a result, outdoor visibility becomes much better. However, strong lighting causes glare on these screens, which is very annoying and may harm your eyes if you have to stare at it all the time. You can also see reflections on the screen; besides, some designers find the colors unrealistic.Which ones are better? We'd love to hear your opinion!
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