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Re: Ever heard "Red Cross" from Charlie Parker?

Uups - so many answers. Thank you brothers.

Well, my "Soleiah" is one of my compositions, a platonic-classizistic reflection about "West-Östlicher Divan" (Goethe, Daniel Barenboim). The horns in the beginning are calling and asking some kind of "Can You Take Me Higher?" vertically, because the horns in theirs c-dur-prelude are standing alone to bless the sky for lifes´ earth. The horns also represent the okzident.
After the third pause strings responding the horns, and the strings are put in moll to embrass the blessings of the horns from the horizontal sky.
Strings are emphasized from the oriental move at the okzident (horns).

Horns and Strings working together as a platonic relationship, as lovers.

Another composition of mine is a dedication at Charlie Parker and John Coltrane with bass and saxophone. I still have to work it out, because I am just a nonstudied musician and learning from hearing, I have to put my emphasizes for their music all-in more than Texas-Hold´em!

Thank you for your repostings, metalchris25 and Sincirr.

The meaning of „Red Cross“.

There are many interpretations around about, but the best is given by the Savoy Recordings in the beginning of a c-dur-prelude by the bass.
The sequence is a blackbirds singing in its jumping from one statement to another, but then coming to „BE MY GUEST“.
This is my main idea of my pictures soul: before I set any foot into a room for the outer world, I should have noticed to shut this door silently as being invisible for others around me [Solei´Ah]. Because the main idea should have been understood: combinations between the books Kandinsky and Vico ["Liber metaphysicus"] in their aristotelian artworks.

My "Soleiah"

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