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Re: Ever heard "Red Cross" from Charlie Parker?

Quote: (Originally Posted by metalchris25) I started playing trumpet in school. My sister played clarinet, and my brother played sax. I learned both of those too. I dated a girl who played flute, and I also learned it. I play the drums at church if my brother in law isnt there. My grandfather and uncle and father all play guitar, and they taught me. Guitar is definitely my favorite, although I am better at brass.
I love Coltrane! He is a LEGEND!

"My Favourite Things", I am in love with his music as well.
See, because I am living alone, I write to much till late at night, then I take my time to a relationship how music has been in America. I am living in a souterrain, and jazz has been brought up in a cellar from night to the morning due. This was the meaning, and you understand me.

This is like "Darmok" of StarTreks Next Generation!

I made up a jazz as well with bass and sax on cubase. My uncle has been a semi-professional dixieland-trumpeter her in Cologne, my father invited me to listen his jazz-lps from Parker to Dizzy Gillespie and David Miles when I was young.
I have written a treatise about jazz, especially bebop in school.

To understand jazz you have to understand that a souls speech are rhythms and your soul the instrument, while your words taken by instruments.

Classizism is origin in its ancient history in a philsophical platonic and religious meaning.
Jazz is one of the basements in music of the world. The Origin is not a copy of something.
RockŽn Roll is a reflection upon a bodies moves about its thoughts moves. Body and Soul.

Soul is painting with colors on instruments instead on canvas, but painting a soul is easier to bann on canvas.
A king of soul you cannot bann.

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This is my main idea of my pictures soul: before I set any foot into a room for the outer world, I should have noticed to shut this door silently as being invisible for others around me [SoleiŽAh]. Because the main idea should have been understood: combinations between the books Kandinsky and Vico ["Liber metaphysicus"] in their aristotelian artworks.

My "Soleiah"

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