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Re: The Return of COPY AND PASTE

Quote: (Originally Posted by metalchris25) I think you are the coolest guy and so in tune with reality and how the world works. You have a fantastic perception of what true spiritualiy is. Your love and taste in music is almost an exact match to my own. Your lyrics describe my life. You are one of my favorites on myspace.

I dont remember copying this. It was a comment someone left in my truthbox on myspace.
Haaaaaaaaaaaaaa you are in tune with realtiy thats one of your gifts you should have told that person to keep going on chris your one of my fave on creedfeed Which God Knows I Love Everybody Here They Make All My Shades So I Dont Have A Favorite Person EXCEPT X Because We Go Way Back ya know what brother im going just like aprove your truthbox
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