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Finding The Blues

Been Searching For that sound that can only bring me down searching for that sound born in new orleans oh such a scary place to be looking for that sound that only brings me down oh oh so down that brings me to my height and never lets me down searching for a sound am i to high to find the sound oh so true to mine Please Help me find that train that will lead me me on my next plane im scared to scream ohhhhhhhhh im trying to find the blues help sing the blues ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh help me find the blues is what i need to sing oh help me find the blues help me find the blues thats born in the heart of my core Oh Oh Ohhhhhhhhh Somebody Never Told Me and looked me in the eyes oh child dont ya know dont ya know dont ya know you were meant to sing the blues you were meant to sing the blues you were meant to just moan out the blues to the thrill is back you can go all the way or stay the blues know heights and always so easy oh yes so so so easy to be found the blues will find you soon or later do you know the blues can you sing back me to the blues upon high or on both kness lets all find the blues and sing out loud oh Lord it sure wont be long till will find out just whats been missing sooner or later the blues will fall on you like a viper oh be carefull but dont run the blues away somebody sing the blues and sing it proud and sing out loud cant sing the blues dont whash the blues away Oh Oh Oh Oh hold it long And Hold it True it sure aint hard to find the blues
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