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Re: All My Life

Dat Was Da Beautiful Donna Lee i CAN FEEL THE REO SPEED WAGON INFLUNCE gotta love reo Hey dont you think its cheesy Reo is in my praise worship and collection AND I MEANT EVERYWORD I SAID WHEN I SAID THAT I LOVE YA I MEANT THAT I,D LOVE YA FOREVERRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR AND IM GOING KEEP ON LOVING YOU BECAUSE ITS THE ONLY THING I WANNA DO, GLORYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY THE MESSAGE SURLEY UNDERSTOOD Even If Some Lines When I gotta alter the Lyrics BUT not message nor laungage IS MISUNDERSTOOD TO JEHOVHOA FOR HE HIS MAJESTY a lot of folk really cant understand that Everything is gotta be black And white There Is nothing that moves more donna than a good old fashion gospel hym One Of My Faves Is The Old Rugged Cross And I cant Even Walk Without You Holding My Hand but your poem was beautiful donna thanks for sharring
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