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Re: My opinion on why Creed was so hated

Quote: (Originally Posted by rabidgopher04) Creed isn't a Chad Kroeger clone because they came out before Nickelback. If anything, bands like Lifehouse, The Calling, Default, Nickelback, etc. are varying degrees of Creed clones.

I know that, I was just trying to point out stereotypes and misconceptions that people have about post-grunge. Nickelback and Creed are actually quite different in my mind, with Creed being far more serious than Nickelback. Except possibly for the song How You Remind Me, Nickelback's sound does not remind me of Creed, being far slicker and faster. Default and Theory Of A Deadman are Nickelback clones (I actually couldn't finishing listening to Theory's second album since it was such a Nickelback knock-off). The Calling I think takes alot from Creed. Lifehouse, I'm not too sure about.
What I was doing was pointing out how people tend to lump post-grunge bands, and how Creed stand out from the rest, but people don't judge it that way.
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