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Quote: Originally posted by JenRN
The thing I can't stand about Linkin Park is the lead singers voice!  His voice is very high-pitched, sounds like a little boy singing.  They don't have any originality, they sound like a lot of the bands out now.   Sorry don't mean to offend anyone.   I just love The deep sultry voice of Scott Stapp and with Tremonti's guitar work does not get much better!!!!!

Well, that's strange cuz the lead singer's voice is the best thing in this band for me, I have to say In my opinion he's really competitive with his singing... You know, what you said about Stapp I can repeat the same putting the name of Chester Bennington instead of his... For me they never sounded and do not sound as any other band... It's like... I hear them and I can say "Hey, I know that sound, it's Linkin Park!"

Another thing I hafta say is that really rawks with his guitar... Actually I could say I like his guitar playing more than Stapp's singin

But I guess it's just that you're Creed fan and I am LP fan (I like Creed a lot too tho) and we feel the same, just about different music groups...
You're just jealous cuz the little voices are talking to me..
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