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Re: Losing our senses over love

ummm will try cut long story short :P dont normally talk bout stuff like this lol

became really good friends with a girl i worked with, saw alot of each other outside of work even though she was in a relationship. anyways she told me 1 night she wanted to go further then friends, told her i had no interest in someone already in a relationship but that i felt same way about her. she got confused bout what to do, went on for several months and it felt like we got even closer. we would talk 24/7 etc then eventually she said she felt the same about me but wanted to stay in relationship with him, scared of change blah blah. she wanted to just go back to being friends like before.

its kinda been like that for awhile, we dont talk as much as before. every few days she sends email/sms and i want to reply but its easier for me to just ignore it and shut her out. we have alot of mutual friends that i think understand why i dont talk to her anymore, but she wont leave it be.
I was watching this monkey, this monkey watching me
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