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Re: Losing our senses over love

Quote: (Originally Posted by Sincirr) One of my friends just CANT learn. This guy that she was in love with who hangs around with more upper-middle-class people, tells her that he doesnt like the way she dresses or the way she laughs, and instead of getting hurt or mad, she just took what he said on herself. Why put up with a man that judges you for your image and how embarrasing that is to him? As far as I and everyone else is concerned, she dresses and laughs fine and she is wonderful just the way she is! But she put up with it and tried to fix what she looked like!

NOW she is falling madly in love with this absolute idiot who said to her at the beginning that he was gonna stop drinking, and i said to her, he is only saying that, and as soon as he knows youre not going anywhere, he will start again and before you know it, he will be drinking in your house.

And yes it happened and he is now drinking there, but she wouldnt listen and still doesnt understand that hes doing the wrong thing cos she is blinded.

Yes it is a judgement in my own standards of what a man should be, but this situation is not good. What would you say if your friend was running straight off a cliff? Youre gonna try and warn em I guess.

I know that it was a bad idea to get too involved, so I have backed off heaps. Still doesnt mean that I am still not immensely frustrated with her, or the huge amount of other women that I am talking to these days!

ahh..... it was just yesterday i was trying to figure out what does PEARL JAM's song BETTER MAN (one of my favourites) actually means, and i was thinking that for once the band couldnt put up a meaningful song.... i guess this thread comes as an answer...... CANT FIND A BETTER MAN!
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