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Re: Losing our senses over love

hmmm... its good to have someone in your life, i suppose, and i think its prety much normal to have feellings of insecurity aswelll ... hmm.. but i do see people WAISTING them selves for what may be i can see as is not good for them or which i can safley say that wont gona last...... i guess its noble to keep an open heart and judge and then get waisted for something that is true, but may be its ok for us to keep our standard to our own self, we cannot, i believe, say to anyone that your judgement is wrong or right.... something may be very difficult to get but yet your instincts react truthfully to it... damn.... i think SINCIRR, the thing that troubling you here is that you can see something which your freinds cannot see, or perhaps dont want to see..... hmmm..... damn
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