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Losing our senses over love

Gotta get something off my chest!!!!! Mostly this is geared towards the ladies because that is what I am going through with friends right now, but I am sure that men have been through the same thing.

What is the deal with some of us these days! So many of my friends just lose their reason, intellect, and just plain common sense as soon as they start liking someone!

I mean, they forget who they are, they cast aside any values they have, even for close friends and own kids, their God, and particularly THEMSELVES, to please someone that they meet and fall for...and HOWWWW does it end?

They wind up shaking their heads, going how could I have EVER done that or, fallen for that/them,


The next bloke comes along and same old BULL***T!

I am so sick of seeing my friends crash and burn and then just do it all over again! - Over some stupid, unrealistic - fantasy love-life that leaves even themselves behind in the real world, whilst they are off with the romantic soap opera pixies!
Quote: (Originally Posted by Love-struck Idiots!)
. . . .. . . . . .

What the fk is wrong with people!

I feel a justified need to dish out a wake up call!>

Because of what I have seen in this vein lately, I am angry and dissappointed, but I can assure you that even moreso, I am worried for people that I care about...

Can anyone please explain? Can anyone calm me down?!!! arrrgh!
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