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Re: Creed - The movie

Quote: (Originally Posted by Agent D) But that's what every rock 'n roll movie is about. The rise and fall of a band in popularity. Even Spinal Tap follows that archetype.

That's not what "Rockstar" was about. "Rockstar" was about a guy from a tribute band who joined the real band after the original singer left. Then the guy who joined the real band ended up leaving and letting another guy take over. That's not the prototypical rock movie and a movie loosely based off of Creed would not be a prototypical rock & roll movie simply because their story is different than most rock bands stories. Have most bands endured the exact same things that happened to Creed? No. They've got a very interesting story which I think would make for an interesting movie. I don't expect a movie to happen, but I'd sure as hell see one if it came out.
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