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Re: Creed - The movie

Quote: (Originally Posted by bilal) hey...rock can also play guitar!!...hehe.... but i guess his personallity and other career connections will dominate the character.... i think for MArk should be a guy , sort of a shy person...... but i am not too optimistic about this whole movie thing..... pearl jam is a great band... but who would like to see movie on theri life..... unlike JIMI HENDRIX..... i've seen atleast 2 movies on his life history, i believe i have read somewhere about a movie on Kurt Cobain....not sure
The Cobain flick was awful. Complete waste of film.

A Creed movie would suck just like most films of the type cause no one is going to get the complete truth out of any of the guys.
Now if Tarrantino was directing.......
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