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Re: Creed - The movie

Quote: (Originally Posted by Prog) P.S. That means not well at all. Tons of people hate Creed, or rather, Scott Stapp.

It doesn't necessarily have to be a Creed movie. It could just be something inspired by their story. You know, kinda like "Friday Night Lights". Some of that movie(I believe) was fact, while some of it was fiction. You could take Creed's story and kinda toy around with it somewhat. It wouldn't be a documentary--it wouldn't be all fact. It'd just be a movie inspired by them--some elements of fact, some of fiction. Because they've got a very, very interesting story.

And, yeah, Lith, writing movie scripts is probably hard. The only writing experience I've got is song-writing and some stories. I don't know if I'll actually give scripting a shot. If I do, I'll definitely educate myself on scripting, though writing about the actual band should be no problem(I've read so many interviews and know a ton about the history, so it's a piece of cake). It's just one of those "if I have the time, I'll do it" type things.
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