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Re: Creed - The movie

You know, if no one else writes the script, I will. I've never written one, but I think a Creed movie(or even a rock movie loosely based on Creed would be cool) has real potential. The characters(Stapp, Tremonti, Philips, Marshall) all have very interesting backgrounds, especially Stapp. You could start it off like bobbin said(with Stapp in a room, thinking about killing himself) then it goes back to his childhood. You show a bit of him as a kid and then show him in HS, when he met Tremonti. Along the way, you could also develop Tremonti, Philips and Marshall's characters by showing them during their childhood. Keep building from there, next showing Stapp at college(at Lee University, before he got kicked out) then going to Florida and meeting up with Tremonti again. And from there(and this part of the movie takes up, oh, the first 35 minutes) you go through the history of Creed--the rock radio hits from MOP, the massive success of HC and then the pressure associated with Weathered and finally the break-up. This part of the movie would probably take up an hour, so you've still got a half hour to work with to tell the post-break-up story. Talk about Stapp's troubles(311 fight, CC incident, airport arrest) and successes, and the success AB has had thus far. You end it(like Lith said) with Stapp on stage, doing what he loves.

I agree with Farrel as Stapp, although I think there might be other guys who are better for the role(looks-wise). I'd have to think about that, though. Someone else mentioned(previously) a guy who should play Tremo. Can't think of his name at the moment. And I think Kevin Bacon would be a perfect fit as Myles(who could come into the movie toward the end..or maybe before).
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