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Re: 3 days grace fans

You mentioned "Over and Over" featuring acoustic guitar -Are there also strings on there?

Oh yeah. What was really cool about that, we were in L. A., and we doing the record, recording the record. We had an opportunity to use a 20-piece orchestra that normally works with films. Yeah, we just had an opportunity to put strings on the song and it sounded amazing. So it was a really cool experience to go into a studio and watch a 22-piece orchestra play strings over something that you've created. It was incredible. And they are amazing musicians. You get awfully humbled when you watch musicians like that, that can just lay it down - just look at a piece of paper and make your songs sound that much better.

So what are the plans now?

I mean, we're excited about the record so we're basically gonna tour for the next year-and-a-half. We love playing live; so we're just gonna tour, man.
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