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Re: God's not guilty

Quote: (Originally Posted by RalphyS) So who created this evil force? I always understood that only God was eternal and in the beginning there was only God, so if that evil force didn't create itself and how could it do that, it has to be created (maybe as a side-effect) by God?

Some say there can be no good without evil, but God wants us all to be good, so I don't get it. Than there is the matter of free will, but if God is omnipotent, omniscient, he does know now whether an unborn child will make the wrong choice in the future, for which it will eventually spend an eternity in hell. To let the child be born than would that not constitute the biggest evil.

have you ever treid to find the answeres to your questions from God?? u think God has left these question on us to seek answeres by ourselves? .... provided that we have only few years to spend here and those few years, considering the hectic lives of today, dont feel to be sufficient to explore the anwers to all our questions......

living with a doubt is the worst form of life..... as we know that if someone is not acknowledging that he has depression.....cannot actually start to cure it..... so i am sure every one should have an opinin about religion too....if you say there is not God...well and good....if you say there is...then be doubtless about it......

in this post of yours, you have specifically asked about evil....where it came from? it works?... i am no expert in religion but i will say few things based on my understandings....and these things i say, are free of any religion, as Chris said that its the relationship with God and not the religion that is important...i respect that.......

Life on earth, since it begain, and comparing it with the eternity of God, is no comparsion at all...but we have to limit our exploration of evil from the time we were created..... when God first created man....... the angles questioned God as to why HE has created a thing that will surely cause trouble, will fight and kill, and is prone to injustice and crime....... cause considering angles, they are created without sin,,,,and they cannot disobey any instructions of God........God told em that HE KNOWS WHAT THEY KNOWS NOT...... so man came into existance with all the defects of becoming a crimnal and drifting away from the right path....... SATAN....was also in the gathering of Angles, thou satan is not an angel...its an spirit....that is created by fire....... and when all present there were asked to bow down before ADAM. this one satan did not followed God commands saying ADAM was inferior.....

i wont go on with the story.... i am sure you have heard it all before....but you can see that SAtan, being in the presence of GOD, also disobeyed him...... actauly seeing the presence of God, he disobeyed..... the life on earth to the anwer to the questions of Angles......and the reply of God, that HE KNOWS WHAT THEY DONT, and thats what we see in our lives too...... we have to act upon certain rules..... many things tempts us, makes us want to commit wrong....but thats where the power of faith comes in and man do restrain from commiting crime, pleasing his temptations, and that is something that pleases God, HE could have created more angles,,, but human being is fighting to stay a believer....and that is something that justifies the presence of separte good from bad....
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