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Re: God's not guilty

Quote: (Originally Posted by Lunar Shadow) I agree God is not guilty.... Because God is not Something that is not there can not be guilty. But the way you get to your conclusion I feel is a little off but I don't really feel like geting in a Theology discussion right now but if you want to know my thoughts on I will respond.

your absolutely right....God is not there...... if you seek something which is not will not find it at alll.....things dont work that way...... so... you dont realy have to search for God.....for me ..if any one who is seeking for God is like seeking the trackless path of the birds........religion is based on faith....and you nor anyone can say that faith is anyless force or experience that is just created rather than to me is like the invisible path followed by the birds is there , trackless and totally invisible...but it guides you to your destiny...... and is so powerful that nothing can convince its follower that there is not track for his journey...which infact only the believer can see........i am sure that with your experince with the other people who have faith in any will agree that faith is more than mere feeling, for a believer, it has a presence of its own........
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