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Re: God's not guilty

ahhh but if god does transend time then free will is a problem because he already knows what we are going to choose because it is already predestined therefore there is no such ting as free will just the illusion.

The mental gymnastics to justify a god who is all knowing, loving, and powerful that transends time is impossible... either that or the god that christians believe in is evil I would go more that he doesn't exist because the kind of god that doctrine describes is impossible.

but I must remind you that "Yeaweh" (the god of the bible) himself said "I am the lord your god I created the day and the night the good and the evil all things are from me" now he said this not once but at least 2 times in the OT.

so if god is resposible for evil then this raises some problems with him being an all loving god because some one who is loving would not will evil upon the thing or person what or whom they love. because that is not a loving act. that is an act to enstill fear and love from fear is not love at all.
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