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Re: Windows Vista Review

For anyone still interested, here's some more screenshots and another of my mini-reviews of the feature displayed in them from Windows Vista build 5384.

First up, this is the new My Computer window, and also a good example of the Explorer windows in Vista. The topmost bar also functions as a loading bar (just like Safari in OS X). As you can see, the glass is pretty translucent, rather than transparent (by default; it is customizable).

Here is the Control Panel in Classic Mode. There is so much crap in it that it literally doesn't fit in the window unless I make it bigger than the default size. The default Control Panel view is harder to navigate and aimed more at the average user, but the classic view is a bit ridiculous.

I have no idea why this shows up in the Network window. Cool, I guess.

The above picture is what the glass taskbar looks like when you drag a window under it.

Though you can't see the cursor in the above picture, it is hovered over the X that is glowing. The only way you can tell which window is currently in focus is by looking to see if the close/minimize/maximize buttons are colored; otherwise they are just the glass color. In this picture, the reason both X's are red is because I'm hovering over the back one to show the glow effect.

Here is a good picture for any of you who haven't tried out IE 7 beta 2. This is the tab preview feature. It's pretty nifty. Another thing you can check out in this screenshot is how the top bar is no longer glass now that the window has been maximized.

If you right click on your desktop now, there is no more "Properties" option. Instead, now there a "Personalize" option. If you check out the Personalize menu, it looks to be a cooler, new Properties menu, but in actuality, if you click on any of the links in this menu, it just opens up the old Properties menu with only the item you selected in a single tab rather than the entire old menu. Granted, there are a few other options here, but this menu is one extra step to changing my options. Thanks Steve!

The new Start Menu isn't that bad right? It's got that cool search bar at the bottom that works really well. Just type in "mspaint" and press enter and it opens paint. Cool, right?

Then you realize you need that search bar to find your fricking programs because they are in that scroll-tastic clusterf**k of programs.

A couple other random things about Vista:

-When you click on an icon on the desktop, it highlights the square of the desktop grid that the icon is in.
-If you look back at my Start Menu screenshots, that chess icon thing at the top right changes depending on what you scroll over, and the transition from icon to icon is really smooth.
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