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Great Alter Bridge videos

Don't know if you guys already have seen these out on the Internet, but here are some great videos and soundfiles of Alter Bridge newest songs!
Enjoy! (This is the first time I put out links, so I don’t know if I’m doing it right..hope so..)

Come To Life

Buried Alive
(Note, this is not the full song)

Bitch Slap

The videos (and sound files) were taken by a member at and are from Alter Bridge's show at the Swamp in Ft. Walton Beach, FL on May 23rd. The songs are not yet in final form, so things may change between now and when or if these songs show up on the next album.

If you want use these videos and sound files you must email her at I'd like to ask that people NOT do video captures of these.
Also do NOT hotlink these videos, link back to the thread you find them in and credit to and (whichever board you get them from be it Pit, FOL, SR or ABB). If they are hotlinked we will pull them down from the server. Any questions about that, just shoot her an email.
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