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Re: Stapp is sick

Quote: (Originally Posted by tdub) and here's why...he has major issues. just a total dipshit.

Just as an offering of recovery for Creed fans...try Pearl Jam. Eddie Vedder is a much better song writer/singer/artist than Stapp will ever be. And PJ kicks major ass all the time...every single sold out show is mind blowing!!

This is coming from a former creed fan...i used to follow the guys everyone on tour during the my own prison/human clay days...then weathered got a little too watered down by pop radio and stapp become too much of a self-proclaimed idol...oh well.

the good news is that pearl jam has kicked off a new tour with a new album!!

Please follow these 3 simple steps to popularity here.

1) Place your hands firmly on your shoulders and pull your head out of Eddie Vedder's ass.

2) Don't spam, especialy about Stapp on a Creed site, especialy about Scott Stapp in a Stapp forum.

3) Please bear in mind, kindness repays kindness. Save rudeness for jerks.