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Re: Apples and Cider

Cool your jets people! Simple question, it's answered, thanks. Ok how about another question which I am pretty sure I know the answer. There's another song called Alone which Creed did with Tool (I think it was tool) and I'm pretty sure it exists but I'm just curious that these songs are all listed under the Tabs for the Guitar on almost all of the sites but they all seem to disagree with each other. I'm pretty sure already so I guess I'll do a bit more searching but if someone already has the answer it would help
They say no man’s an island but I tend to disagree
I guess they’ve never seen my island,
And where it lies at sea
A wounded man sounds desperate when he’s lost all his belief
Can you look into my eyes and say you won’t betray me

Tabula Rasa from The Dark Poet!
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