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Untited ( about a suicidal conversation)

hey Im not here to argue
im not going to say your wrong
cant garuntee a solution
but would you let me listen
such a big contemplation
the choice to live or die
it all in your hands now
let them reach for mine

This makes me uncomfortable
could you put the gun in a drawer
eliminate that barrier
so we can talk some more
you say you cant let it go
how about just unloading it
why not unload everything
empty yourself of whats inside

where did you see yourself
looking forward in a year
can you still see that man
then you can see past this *****
what made you get up today
is it something we can use
what about your goals
how does this affect them

I hear your speach slurring
have you taken anything
don't go out on me know
theres so much we can save
You're not in your right mind
but know that im in mine
Place yourself in my hands
I will never let you go

I cant save you from these things
but I can save you from yourself
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