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Re: Anyone ever heard of "Feel Me Tonight"?

It's kinda hard to say. I mean, I can really hear the similiarities to Stapp at times on this song. But then at other sounds different.

I downloaded the song again and it was under a slightly different name: Creed - Weathered - 12 - Feel Me Tonight. So either this isn't Creed and it is being mislabeled as being from Weathered, or it is Creed and it is a recorded, yet unreleased(until apparently leaked) song from the Weathered recording session. Now I'm looking at the unreleased tracks on the Creedfeed Songbank and I noticed that there was an untitled song on there written about Mark's wife. And I'm thinking about the lyrical content of the song in question and it seems, in my mind, to fit the description of "Untitled".

I have searched up and down the net for a song that matches the title or the lyrics of this song I have downloaded. I can't find anything even remotely close. That leads me to believe that this is either an unreleased Creed song or a song by a very, very obscure band. I'm still working on getting this uploaded on yousendit, so I'll put it up when I do.

EDIT: Here's the link:
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