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Ravens Cry Holy

AND TO GOD ALONG BELONGS THE GLORY HONOUR AND POWER, Let this be the reward of mine adversaries from the Lord And Of Theme that speak evil against me But Do Thou For Me O God The Lord For Thy Names Sake Because Mercy Is Good Deliver thou me for i,am poor and needy and my heart is wounded within me i, am Gone like the shadow when it declines i,am tossed and down as the locust my kness are weak through fasting and my flesh faileth of fatness i became also a reproach unto theme when they looked upon me they shaked their heads Help Me O Lord My God O Save Me Acording to thy mercy that they may know that this is thy hand that thou Lord hast done it let theme curse but bless thou when they arise let theme be ashamed but let they serveant Rejoice Let Mine Adversaries be clothed with shame and let theme cover themeselves with their own confusion as with mantle I Will Greatly Praise The Lord with my mouth yea For He Shall Stand At The Right Hand Of The Poor to save him from those That Condemn His Soul Psalm 109.20.31
I Indeed Babtize you with water BUT ONE Mightier Than I Cometh The Latchet Of Whose Shoes I,am Not Worthy To Unloose He Shall Babtize You With The Holy Ghost And With FIREEEEEEEEEE John The Babtist You Never Count Your Money When YOUR Sittin At The Table There Will Be Time Enough To Count,em When The Dealings Done
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