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The Lord Will Sustain

He Shall Give Everyones Meat In Due Season, As For Me I Will Call Upon God And The Lord Shall Save Me Evening And Morning And At Noon Will I Pray And Cry Aloud And He Shall Hear My Voice He Hath Delivered My Soul From The Battle That Was Against Me For There Were Many With Me, AMEN IM Just Long Winded This Morning And If The Good Lord Hears Ya Evening Morning Night Day And Afternoon Chances Are Your Foes Will Make A Camp Around You either to rob still or destrory or whatever gets theme a days work in AMEN WE DEPEND NOT ON CHARIOTS OR HORSES Or Guns HAAAAAAAA That Was A Joke BUT WE DEPEND ON GOD TO WHO THE GLORY BELONGS TOO, GOD Shall Hear And Affict Theme Even He That Abideth Of Old Because They Have No Change They Fear Not God he hath put forth his hands against such AS BE AT PEACE WITH HIM the words of his mouth were smoother than butter but war was in his heart his words were softer than oil yet were they drawn swords CAST THY BURDEN upon The LORD and HE SHALL SUSTAIN THEE He SHALL NEVER SUFFER THE RIGHTEOUS TO BE MOVED
I Indeed Babtize you with water BUT ONE Mightier Than I Cometh The Latchet Of Whose Shoes I,am Not Worthy To Unloose He Shall Babtize You With The Holy Ghost And With FIREEEEEEEEEE John The Babtist You Never Count Your Money When YOUR Sittin At The Table There Will Be Time Enough To Count,em When The Dealings Done
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