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Re: BIG NEWS! Kid Rock to speak about sex tape

Quote: (Originally Posted by ABYanks) Lithium, dude if u think the E article was hilarious ur on the wrong site, go find a hater site.
I'm a fan of his music, but I do think the guy has some big problems, and often acts like a jerk... Problably because of his big problems.

Quote: (Originally Posted by ABYanks) THanks for letting me kno what a reporter does, I guess i didnt realize after i commented on what they were doing.
Anytime man!

Quote: (Originally Posted by ABYanks) And why do i need a new sig? I wouldn't find it surprising if the only only friends u had were in ur head as well.
Alright, that's a pretty good one, but it's very low, so I'll just leave it there. While we're still talking on a decent level.

Quote: (Originally Posted by titan9) My problem with it is that the article appears to seek to do one thing: bash Stapp. Not unbiasedly report the news...just bash Stapp. I have a problem with people trying to kick a guy when he's down, no matter if that guy is Stapp or Mark Tremonti or Myles Kennedy or Bono etc..
Well, can you blame him? The guy have made a sex tape, and this far... He has done nothing but MORE mistakes since The Great Divide came out.
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