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Re: BIG NEWS! Kid Rock to speak about sex tape

Quote: (Originally Posted by Dogstar) Yup...I still don't think it was "stolen," either...just a hunch on my part, though.

If it wasn't stolen,...then how would it have gotten out if Stapp had possession of it? I know he would not have "intentionally" let it get out. This goes back to when Jeff Hanson and Tremonti and Co. claimed that they had enough on Stapp to "end his career". I think this is one of those things and someone stole it from Stapp for that sole purpose. Too bad it won't be enough to halt his career. I don't think anything they have will hurt him in the long run. It just goes to show what kind of assholes are out there and what they are willing to do to hurt someone. I feel it's a VERY low blow under any circumstance.
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