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Re: Kid Rock Sues to Prevent the Sale of the Tape

Quote: (Originally Posted by Chase) I heard that Alter Bridge had a big heist on the Stapp compound and used state of the art technology to break into the vault in which the video was placed. This all happened while Stapp was out of town. Supposedly there is a video of Mark Tremonti standing guard in front of Stapp's house, Myles is in the getaway car, and both Flip and Brian Marshall are seen using small explosive devices to break into the vault. According to the F.B.I., Flip used to be part of a society of professional burgulars... and participated in a major heist that resulted in the theft of ancient Egyptian artifacts. Who knew?

P.S. Just kidding. I'm bored.

WOW!!!! Some people seem to have a lot of free time here...

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