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Re: Kid Rock Sues to Prevent the Sale of the Tape

Quote: (Originally Posted by Trimontana) What do i know?. I am a Catholic person so i think i know a few things. I know being a Catholic/Chritian person doesn't make you perfect...DAH!!!!...noone is perfect whatever the religion you proclaim. Of course, religion in general helps you to be a better person. What really annoyes me it's that Stapp claims to be a man of God and he doesn't try to change his way of living. The only things he does is all the stuff lately we are seeing and has been public (he has been making the same since forever anyway). I don't think he takes religion seriously; acts are more important than words and he should act in consequences about he speaks about.

really typical to say this. but hey, every person knows about their mistakes and stuff; and another is keep on making the same mistakes over and over again (religion shows you that as well, darling). it's not me who gets drunk in public tv, makes public scandals at the LAX, gets arrested by the police, get embarrassed for a sex tape, dont have the custody of my son anymore for my conduct. everyone has something called "decency" or to be "decent" and even if you are a rock start you should show some. i am not saying he should be a saint but if he wants to get drunk he should do it at his house in private showing some respect for people that still like his music. cause at the same time he shows he has no respect for himself or his family, he shows he has no respect for his fans. like we say in Spain "everyone makes their own holes"...and Stapp is doing his own. he can't pretend to teach anything thru his songs when he's the first one to do wrong stuff.
oh great more religus arguments.
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