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Re: Where are you now?

Quote: (Originally Posted by uncertaindrumer) What current religious/spirtual beliefs do you hold, but more importantly, how did you get there? And are your beliefs extremely important to you, mildly so, or easily changeable?

Just curious what a lot of people's experiences are.
Well i will share the only way i could explain it Uncertain one is that it was like the movie waynes world 2 When wayne Kept Getting A Vison Of an Indian And Jim Morrison saying book theme and they will come which i did,nt have waynes vison it was a more complicated so thats why i wish not to share you know Like Garth Said To Wayne You Better Leave The Thing About Jim Morrison And The Indian Out , A Wise Tounge Shall Utter untill one seeks and asks,
I Indeed Babtize you with water BUT ONE Mightier Than I Cometh The Latchet Of Whose Shoes I,am Not Worthy To Unloose He Shall Babtize You With The Holy Ghost And With FIREEEEEEEEEE John The Babtist You Never Count Your Money When YOUR Sittin At The Table There Will Be Time Enough To Count,em When The Dealings Done
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