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Re: Where are you now?

Quote: (Originally Posted by uncertaindrumer) anarkist's story seems to make sense, though I knew much of it. Did you never read the Bible when you were younger though? That part confuses me, since if your parents are so fundamentalist I figure they would be beating you over the head with the book.

Yes I did read it much as a child but never really paid attention because I was terribly dyslexic and I so when it came to reading I fought my way through as much as I could but in the end the comprehension was not very good so I wouldn't spot the inconsistencies

but in my late teen years I took a course that thought the brain trick to over come the dyslexia and I hit the ground running and I actually found I could remember what I read it was amazing so anything I learned from reading I learned really since I was 17ish but because of that I dropped back in to High school did my 4 years in 1 semester and got a 4.0 GPA (something I was never able to do with the reading problem.

Yeah I know that this is a long explanation but thatís the history.
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