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Re: Where are you now?

Well as if no one knows at this point I am an Atheist

I grew up in a Christian home my father who is a DR in theology and ordained minister. My mother a missionary kid also pretty much a fundamentalist. I have 3 siblings one of which is an Atheist thinker, and 2 who are on the fundamentalist Christian side of things.

I grew up a Christian never questioning anything regarding Christianity all the way through high school. I got married at the age of 18. A couple of years ago I did something that you shouldn't do if you are a Christian, and that was Reading the bible and studying church history. I did that and found many many things that make Christianity not only improbable but rather impossible. Since them I have spent most of my time reading all the scientific literature I can get my hands on (this is aside of spending time with my wife and 2 kids). I have gone back to school to further my knowledge in sciences and math.

The place I have come to on my long road was not an easy path but a path I am glad I traveled. I feel happier and more at ease than I can ever recall feeling in my life time. I would have to see some major evidence for any of my views to be swayed at this time because I am a pretty skeptical person. My stance on god/s has been formed through great study and thought and I find the existence of any deity to be virtually impossible.

thats pretty much it in a nutshell.
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